Missions exists because God has told us He wants Himself to be known and worshipped among all the different tribes, tongues, and nations in this vast world, and He has chosen His believers to be the means of reaching the world. Missions is the presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ to the world through God’s power by means of any ministry extending beyond the congregation and the church facilities.  Missions therefore includes a range of missionary and mobilization activity (e.g., evangelizing, discipling, church planting, etc.). 

Sunset Church's 2017 Mission Trips:

Cambodia Short-Term Missions Trip

This summer, a team of 16 will be traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from July 27 to August 6th.  Our STM trip will serve at a Girls School and a Home for the Girls (recovery). Ministry will include teachers’ training, Vacation Bible School, music activities, and facility support work with outreaches to local village community to share gospel.

Please PRAY that our team would be an encouragement and a Godly witness to everyone we encounter. Pray that God will soften the hearts and open the ears of everyone we encounter so that they may be able to hear and receive the Gospel. 



If you would like to support the Cambodia STM Team financially, please DONATE by the following ways:

  • Make a check out to Sunset Church with “2017 Cambodia Team” in the memo line.
  • Or through PayPal.Please follow the instructions under the "Donate" section.


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  3. After submitting your name, click the PayPal icon.
  4. You will be led to another page. Please select the amount you would like to donate or you can type in the amount you wish to donate. 
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Costa Rica Short-Term Mission Trip

Our Costa Rica team will be partnering with NEXT Worldwide for this year’s short-term mission trip from August 3-9, 2017. NEXT is an organization that focuses on sending students on short-term trips to partner with and help local church planters in making disciples, through door to door evangelism. Our team will be sharing the Gospel door to door in villages in Costa Rica that are less reached, or have no church presence, in hopes of surveying the village and connecting the church planters with the people. We will also spend portions of our day in leadership and culture learning.

You can pray for our team in three ways:

  1. Pray for us as we prepare to go and share the Gospel in a foreign culture in a foreign language. 
  2. Pray for the people we will be talking to, that the Spirit would be working in their hearts.
  3. Pra y for the local church planters and believers whom we will be partnering with in the work of making disciples and planting churches.

If you would like to support our Costa Rica Missions Team, please follow the instructions below:

  • Online Donation: Click on the Costa Rica Donation link and search for one of the team member’s name under the Trip Fundraising page and click “Donate”.
  • Personal Check: Issue a personal check made payable to‘NEXT Worldwide” with the trip code, “CR17C and the name of the person you are supporting” on the memo line and send it to P.O. Box 271130, Flower Mound, TX 75027. 

You can also click on the team member button below to go to their donate page. Thanks for partnering with us!

Sunset Church prioritizes missions by:

       Financially supporting oversea missionaries serving the most unreached areas of the world because these areas have the greatest need.

       Providing opportunities to experience missions through short term missions.

       Educating every Sunset Church member in the task of missions at home and abroad through different means (e.g. conferences, seminars, etc.).

Email mcscbcsf@gmail.com for more information.


Our Response

"The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.” — J. Hudson Taylor

While it is not every believer’s calling to be go to another country, it is every believer's responsibility to be engaged in missions. Our response as a church is to…


Foster a passion for God’s plan to reach all his people by learning about missionaries past and present. Educate yourself about evangelism, discipleship and other cultures.


Presenting the needs of other people to God through prayer is a vital activity to growing God's church. Commit to praying for a specific missionary, ministry, or people group. — 2 Thessalonians 3:1


Missionaries do not just go overseas. They are sent. Intentionally send missionaries through encouragement, logistical support and financial giving. —  Romans 10:15


Allow God to use you in cross-cultural ministry to reach the hundreds of thousands of international students coming to study in San Francisco from unreached lands. Find a local English class or international student group to serve during the years these future leaders live in your neighborhood. — 1 Kings 8:41-43


God can call anyone to live for Him anywhere. Whether for a short or long period of time, God provides opportunities to deeply impact and create strong relationships through your life in another country. Give God the freedom to place you overseas for as long as he chooses. — Luke 4:43


Share the importance and the relevance of missions. Promote to one another God’s passion for reaching the lost. Remind each other of how missions brings Him worship and glory.


Share your faith and disciple those around you.


Our Opportunities

Sunset Church provides a number of opportunities for you to get involved. If you are interested in any of these, email mcscbcsf@gmail.com for more information.



We need caring senders and prayer warriors year round. We ask you to pray and care for our homegrown missionaries abroad.



Each year, we send out teams of individual Sunset Church members to experience life as a missionary through short term mission trips. To learn more about what it means to serve on these short term trips, you can access our training sessions from 2015 here:



The World Christian Fellowship is best known for producing the World Christian Conference. They also organize local prayer meetings where you can pray for missionaries or hear from visiting missionaries and fellowship with one another. The San Francisco group usually meets on the first Sunday of each month in the Sunset District. For more information, contact Ralph at  ralphleong@gmail.com.


ISI trains and connects you with international students studying in the Bay Area. You can be an English conversation partner, host a holiday party, temporarily host a student or simply join one of the Table Talk meetings where people just hang to play board games and talk! 


For more information or resources please view our Mission Resource pdf here.