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Welcome to the Kids Ministry at Sunset Church! We're here to serve the needs of families in a loving and supportive environment that help both the kids and parents to glorify God. We invite you to come and explore our kids programs and seasonal events!


Kids programs are available for the 8:30am English Service and 10am Cantonese Service.


Our Kids Ministry programs are conducted in the CE building at 3635 Lawton, across the street from our Worship Sanctuary. Come on over to the CE building! Bring your kids down the hallway, and turn left at the end of the hall. Our able staff of helpers will be able to assist from there!


Your children's safety and security are our top priority. Our check-in staff and system are here to serve you and your kids efficiently and effectively. On Sundays, we provide the following programs for kids:


Birth to 24 month old little ones are cared for by gentle and caring nursery team members who play, read and sing with them.


Kids 3-4 years old are taught by our faithful and loving team of dedicated teachers. Your toddlers can expect snacks, fun play, songs and hear Bible stories!


Elementary age students enjoy play and recreation and learn about the centrality of Jesus in the Bible and in life. They also will enjoy games, toys, Bible, spiritual growth, videos, and music!


Please check out our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions, or email



Children's Ministry FAq

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our Children's Ministry.

Who is caring for my child while I am in the main service?

Children’s Ministry volunteers are background checked and trained to care for children. Volunteers undergo a thorough review of safety and security policies annually and are coached on how to respond in emergency situations.

My child is allergic to certain foods. How can I inform staff members?

When registering your child on Sunday Morning, you may choose to include information on child’s allergies on your child’s name tag. Please ask a volunteer for help when registering your child.

What do I bring if my child is in the nursery?

Sunset’s Nursery provides snacks and water for your child during services. If your child has allergies please bring snacks for your child.
If you are dropping off your infant, please bring a bottle with ready-made formula or milk and a diaper bag with diapers, top, pants, socks, pacifier, and bib. Please label all items with your child’s name.

What is the well-child policy?

The Well-Child Policy is a way to keep a safe and healthy environment at Sunset Church. We cannot accept children with a cold, fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea, or any other signs of illness.

My child is 3 years old but not in preschool. Can my child attend the preschool program?

Children can join the preschool program when they are potty-trained and able to communicate. If preschool teacher assess that the child is not ready for preschool class, he/she may have child stay in Nursery until next promotion (Feb or Sept).


Is there child care during the 11:30am service?

Currently there is no children’s program at 11:30am. If you want your children to participate in Sunset’s Children’s Ministry please come to either our 8:30am or 10:00am service.

How can I volunteer to serve and support the children’s ministry?

Please contact There are many different opportunities to serve in our Children’s Ministry.  We would love to hear from you.