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Preparing for long-lasting marriages; Connect with other families; Restore healthy relationships; Equip to make disciples at home.


For pre-marital couples, newlyweds, child-free couples, newborn parents, families with children

under 18 (including single parents and blended family).

Faith Path:  Growth Milestones

Faith Path: Growth Milestones

Faith Path:  Basis Of This Course

Faith Path: Basis Of This Course

Faith Path:  Life Series

Faith Path: Life Series

Seminar:  Prayer Warriors

Seminar: Prayer Warriors


Small Group Types

There is a need for fellowship activities between each other to achieve mutual support and motivation. Welcome to join our team.



Assessment and course to help couples revive relationships.


Parenting Bible Studies

Building up parents' image in God through topics, bible studies, and sharing.



Use eight growing lessons to cultivate new parents


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