Sunset Church would love to host your wedding ceremony in our sanctuary. We have a stain glass window behind our center stage that can allow natural lighting to come in. We can also close the shade to block the light. We also have uplighting on the back wall to match the colors of your wedding. 

We have two floors that can, combined, hold up to 350 guests. The downstairs can hold 250 guests and the upstairs balcony can hold 100 guests.


If you are interested in using our sanctuary, have more questions, or would like to come and take a visit, please fill out the form below. 

We also offer premarital counseling. If you are interested in premarital counseling, please visit our premarital page

To help the process move faster, please fill out the forms below ahead of time. There is a member's and nonmember's form, so please fill our the form accordingly.

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