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Powering On (First Service)

If you are the camera operator in the morning, you may need to turn on the equipment. There are three switches to power everything on.

  1. Power strip located at the foot of the tripod.
    • This will need to be powered on first.
  2. Camera
  3. Ikan LCD monitor


Camera Settings

Here are the settings to use for the camera:

  • Gain:L
  • White Balance: A
  • Manual Focus: 90 (MF90)
  • Aperture OPEN

See pictures below:

Camera settings.

Focus adjustment wheel. It is sensitive.

Manual focus indicator.


Helpful uses for the ikan LCD monitor

Everything highlighted in RED is in focus. A good way to make sure the speaker is in focus is making sure their eyes are highlighted. If not, adjust the focus back to 90 (MF90).


The white crosshair in the middle of the screen will give you an idea of knowing if the the subject is centered.



Camera Framing Composition



In general, with a single speaker we want to keep to the medium shot which gives a few inches of headroom and cuts off just below the belt.


What is Headroom?

Headroom is the amount of space above your subject’s head in a frame. Too much space isn’t good, so make sure that you’re only leaving a small amount of airy space above your subject’s head.


Examples of Good Framing

Try to avoid...

Allowing speaker to go off screen

Too much headroom and framing too high

Zooming in too much

Zooming out too much


Shutting Down - 2nd Service Camera Operator Only

when the service is over please turn off the ikan LCD monitor, replace the lens cap, turn off the camera, and turn off the power strip last.


Pro Tips

• Submit blackout dates in Planning Center so you don’t get scheduled if you are not able.

• Join the GroupMe chat for the camera team.

• Check the planning center schedule to anticipate if anyone else will be on stage (special announcements, missionary sharing, etc).

• If panning the camera left and right is too jerky, adjust the tension ring.

• To know if the speaker is going to move, watch their feet to see if they’re going to move left of right.