Faith and Work Panel (Part 1)

Panel Participants:

Linda W. - Senior Product Manager

Sarah L. - Director, EDI

Nathan T. - Senior Finance Manager, R&D Controller

Stephen L. - Manager, Admin Staffing and Credentials


10:15 - How has the Gospel shaped your attitude and practice when it comes to your field of work?

16:53 - Being in corporate environments can make us feel like we are just a cog in a wheel. How does being a Christian change your perspective in that what you are doing is God glorifying?

22:43 - Dealing with people (bosses, colleagues, or lower level management) can often be so difficult, yet God calls us to be a witness. What have you found to be important to do in order to be an effective witness at work?

28:11 - How do you approach “balancing" your call to work and other callings in your life (family, ministry, etc.)?

38:42 - How does your faith and theology about work impact the way you view and plan vacations and rest away from work?

44:55 - Have any of you received negative feedback or acclamation for sharing your faith at work and how did you handle that?

51:01 - How does your faith relate to how you think about ambition and work?

58:31 - How have you dealt with someone complaining or gossiping to you about a coworker or upper management when they have confided in you?

1:03:20 - How has the church helped support you with your faith at work? What are ways the church leadership or congregation can support their workers?

Richard Lee