Sunset Church Summer Bible Study: Registration Open


When: June 10 to August 12 • 10-11:15am

Where: CE Auditorium

Get connected to God’s Word for a 9-week bible study in I & II Thessalonians. Improve Bible literacy & life applications to find God’s will for you and not trying to validate your worth through work, relationships or humanitarian causes. Co-led by Eddie Hong & John Fong. 

What can you benefit to study I & II Thessalonians in 9 weeks this summer:

  1. Life focus: Finding God’s will for you, and not trying to validate your worth thru work, relationships & humanitarian causes.
  2. Faith: Knowing the truth and trusting God in every life situation.
  3. Hope: Practicing patience and endurance in midst of life challenges.
  4. Love: Abounding more and more in gospel truth, and manifesting in discerning love and unity to all.
  5. Joy: Rejoicing always, knowing that Jesus will soon return, and be with us forever.

Curriculum, resources and prayers are generously provided by Menlo Church, Menlo Park.  See course overview and devotional questions and resources.

Questions, please email Eddie at:

Sunset Church