Lending Library

We have a selection of books available for members to check out and borrow. If you would like to browse our catalog, go to


If you find a book and it is available, follow the steps below to rent it. There is a maximum of 14 days to borrow the book. 

1) Register for a new account.


2) You will receive a verification email and verify the email address.



3) Log into using a new account.


4) Click on "Request Member Access" button at My Libraries section.


5) Enter full URL of the library ( and submit the request.


6) Once you are e member, go to Sunset Church's online library and browse for a book you would like to rent under the "Search Catalog" section.

7) After you found the book you would like to rent, scroll down to see if it is available.

  • If it is not available, you can click "Request" to put a hold on the book and you will be notified when it becomes available.
  • If it is available, click "Checkout" to proceed.

8) You will be asked when you wish to return the book. You have a maximum of 14 days. Once you have selected your date, click "submit" to finish your checkout. 

9) You will need to come in and retrieve the book from the Golden Gate room in the front office. 

10) When you are finished with the book, you must return it to the library and go back into your account and click "check-in", then "submit".