Dr. KC Chew is one of the elders of Sunset Church. He became a Christian in 1986. He became married in 1990 and has one child. His mission at Sunset Church is focusing on leadership, personal development, and to build up one another. He wants to help build a healthy and continuously growing church and build up the congregation to become leaders. He also developed positive and efficient relationship and working environment between pastoral and office staff. Dr. KC also takes part in preaching and mentorship. In addition to ministries at Sunset Church, KC also provides training in servanthood and leadership in the United States, Canada, and East Asia. KC is a counselor of Master program and a vocational professor in leadership program at Western Canada Trilogy University. Dr. KC is also the organization senior counselor at Leadership Excellent Services. Furthermore, KC is also an assistant professor in business and management School of Notre Dame de Namur University. Dr. KC worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years. In his spare time, KC enjoys reading, music, sports, and learning about different cultures and foods worldwide.