1975: Pastor Johnny Wang and the members of SCBC, had the vision to start a mission at the Sunset District. They rented the Lincoln High School Auditorium for Sunday Worship Services in the afternoon. The first meeting was held on Dec 7, 1975, and the attendances were well over a hundred people.

1976: On Nov. 11 we purchased a house on 26th Ave for the mission work. We used it as a mission point, fellowship meeting place, as well as VBS Under the identity of Chinese Independent Baptist Church of San Francisco (CIBC).

1978: Nov 17, CIBC purchased a Grocery Store, (the present old sanctuary).  

1980: Sunset Chinese Baptist Church (SCBC) was officially incorporated and separated from CIBC.  

1984: We purchased an annex on 43rd Ave for Sunday school class rooms and fellowship hall.  

1986: We purchased the present CE building. 

1993: We began our summer program, CampToons.

1996: We purchased the 12-unit apartment building (current sanctuary) across the street.

2001: In February Victor Yan started the concept study for the new worship center. In July the congregational approved the proposal.

2002: In January we submitted the project to the City for planning review. June 20, 2002, a historical event, God miraculously moved the Planning Commission in approving the project during the public hearing. The hearing was attending by over 180 members and over 30 oral testimonies were presented. We give praise to the Lord. 

2003: In January we submitted the worship building project for building permit and started construction in August.

2005: In March the new worship center completed. The first event was the Good Friday Service for the combined congregation; over 500 people attended. Praise the Lord! 

2007: In July the congregation approved a renovation project in 3 phases to remodel the old buildings.

2008: Construction of CE renovation project: Phase I completed; Phase II started in Sept.

2009: Phase II project completed in June.

2013: We began our annual compassion trip to Africa.

2016: The Yut Hong (Cantonese senior fellowship) celebrated their 25th anniversary.

2017: CampToons celebrated it’s 25th anniversary.