PM Chinese Teacher


Summary Description

  • Teach Chinese and Chinese culture to students from kindergarten to 8th  grade.

  • Motivate students to develop competency in speaking, reading and writing Chinese.


  • Teach curriculum assigned by the school.

  • Submit lesson plans weekly to program coordinator for review and suggestions.

  • Keep daily plan in easy access in the event that a substitute is needed.

  • Assign student homework from Monday to Thursday.

  • Be responsible for classroom management and student discipline in keeping with the school guidelines and policies.

  • Supervise and monitor students at all times including recess, dismissal time, hallways, restrooms, out door activities, etc.

  • Keep classroom clean and tidy to provide a safe and positive learning environment. All classroom belongings must be stored away on Friday.

  • Report accidents and/or concerns to program coordinator. Keep accident reports in logbook.

  • Participate in leading assembly on Friday from 12:45 to 1: 30 pm as assigned.

  • Be available and prepare students for Open House.

  • Be available to talk to parents or guardians as needed.

  • Attend weekly meeting as required.

If you are interested in the job, fill out the application below and drop it off to 378 18th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.

Richard Lee