Rueben started off caring for dying AIDS patients in 2008 before starting to focus his energy and care for the orphans left behind in Mulenga, his home community. His passion for the orphan children is self-evident as he focuses all of his time and energy to make sure everyone orphaned child could come to him not only for a meal, but for a listening ear and a hand to hold. In 2016, Hands at Work asked him to transition from the role of the Mulenga CBO (community based organization) coordinator to a staff with the Kitwe Service Center so that he could train up new leaders within the communities. His experience and passion for the gospel has helped to inspire and encourage, by word and by deed, new leaders among the care workers and among the children. You can read more about Rueben and the community based organization he founded on the Hands at Work website

Prayer Request:

Please pray for Rueben's health. He also asks that we pray for God to provide opportunities for his 5 children to receive a good education to escape the cycle of poverty.

Sunset Church