The short-term team from 2017 designed a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of the community-based organization (CBO) in Zimba - Kachema Musuma (The Good Shepherd). Since giving it to the care workers as a gift, it has become the de-facto uniform, worn with pride and washed with care. Moses, proudly wearing his shirt, shared how he joined as a care worker in 2011. He originally joined the CBO after the original coordinator, a fellow member of his church (United Church of Zambia), shared with him about the needs of the vulnerable children. As she told him stories of children who had lost their parents with no one to care for or love them, he realized that he had to act. He told himself that he had to join... that he had to help these children. 

Prayer Request:

Moses asks that we pray for his current living situation. He and his wife have been facing so many challenges financially and physically as they grow older. He asks us to pray that he is able to endure these challenges so that he can continue to care for and support the vulnerable children of Zimba.

Richard Lee