Kitson is the current coordinator for Kachema Musuma, the community based organization (CBO) in Zimba. He joined as a care worker in 2014 after observing a number of volunteers taking time to feed and care for children. Kitson approached the Hilda (the coordinator at the time) and asked what they were doing. He learned that these care workers were taking time to feed and care for children orphaned by the AIDS crisis in Zambia - so he asked if he could join them. Since then, he helped to clear out bush area where the current care point is located, helping to build the feeding point and the new toilet. Now, he's helping to lead the care workers in making new bricks to rebuild the school that was once made with sticks and a new chicken coop so that the CBO can generate income to move towards self-sufficiency.


Prayer Request

As the CBO coordinator, he's been given charge over the all 43 care workers. So Kitson asks that we pray that the Holy Spirit is made evident in all that they do and that the truth of the Word of God be made manifest in their work. He asks us to pray that we pray for the spiritual, emotional and physical health all the care workers so that they might be able to continue to care for the vulnerable children in Zimba.

Sunset Church