"Little Hilda" was named after her grandmother Hilda, the founder of the community-based organization (CBO) in Zimba - Kachema Musuma (The Good Shepherd). She was given the moniker "little Hilda" to avoid confusion. Though her grandmother is no longer serving as part of Kachema Musuma, the name has stuck.  Little Hilda attended the United Church of Zambia with her grandmother, where she learned of the needs in her community. Little Hilda shares her grandmother's heart for the orphaned and vulnerable children, and started to walk with Hilda so that they could care for the children - feeding them, carrying them to the clinic, showing them the care and compassion they were so lacking. She's been involved in caring for the vulnerable children in Zimba since 2009. 

Prayer Request:

Little Hilda asks that we pray for her children. That she might be able to raise them up to be obedient not only to her, but to God's Word; that they might know the power of the gospel in their lives.

Sunset Church