Bernard originally joined Kachema Musuma as a care worker in 2010. His church made an announcement that there was a need for compassionate individuals who were wanting to care for orphaned children in their community (Zimba), so he stepped up. But, due to concerns with the leadership within the community based organization (CBO), he decided that he would step down from serving.

In 2017, the leadership at Kachema Musuma changed, with Kitson taking on the role of CBO Coordinate. Soon after, Kitson visited Bernard at home to encourage him to not be deterred but rather return to his first passion, the caring for the orphaned children of Zimba. Bernard again heeded the call to serve and has been faithfully walking with the wounded children in Zimba. 

Prayer Request:

Bernard asks you to pray for his children, that they might be able to finish school. He also asks that you pray for physical healing as he suffers a lot of body pain. Finally, Bernard asks that you lift up his family as a whole, that they might all find peace in Christ. 

Sunset Church