Benson has been a dedicated volunteer with Kachema Musuma since 2012. At that time, the original coordinator (Hildah) reached out to her friend and asked him to consider making time to care for the vulnerable children in Zimba. With an open mind and a compassionate heart, Benson attended a foundations training where he learned about the needs of the children and how Kachema Musuma, with support and training from Hands at Work, was providing three essential services (education, food security, and emotional/spiritual/physical healthcare).

Benson shared that "when l saw the children who did not have parents, l was moved with compassion to serve them. I thought if one day l die, other people will look after my children too."

Prayer Request:

Benson asks that we pray for his physical body. Aches and pains make it a bit difficult for him and he needs to be able to provide for his children and those vulnerable that he cares for in Zimba.


Sunset Church