This week’s update is not a request for prayer but a proclamation of praise.  Bautista is a care worker who has been volunteering for a number of years to care for the vulnerable children in Zimba through Kachema Musuma. The Kitwe Service Center team (Blessings, Ruth, and Eunice), along with a few others traveled to Bautista’s home to pay her a holy home visit. After sharing a meal together, Blessings and the others wanted to bless Bautista and her family with a time of prayer. They specifically lifted up Bautista’s brother (who sleeps outside the main space in a small room). Bautista’s brother has been suffering from a medical condition that makes him unable to walk, so he couldn’t join them, “but we still prayed for him.”

“When we left early in the morning, everyone was shocked to see [Bautista’s brother] walking on his own!” - Pastor Blessings

Bautista’s brother had a dream during the night of four men and two women praying over him, and when he awoke, he could walk. His neighbors were astounded. All that Bautista and the other volunteers could do was proclaim that "God is our healer!" and that "God sent forth His Word in answered prayers!" We give God all the glory for this miracle!

Richard Lee