Serving With Alpha Pregnancy Center


"We did not want our testimony

to be mere words..."

Written by Stephanie W.

The desire and hope of becoming more involved with Alpha Pregnancy Center (APC) started when my husband, Jonathan, and I saw how much division this last election caused and how it felt like the animosity between believers and nonbelievers grew even more. While we know there will always be political differences and even questions on how involved Christians should be, no president or policy will ever fully solve the issues only Jesus and a life changing relationship with Him can. As we processed and prayed through our nation’s turmoil, we felt more convicted to put actions behind our words. We did not want our testimony to be mere words stating how strongly we felt against abortion but rather a witness bringing God’s hands and feet to those hurting and helping to meet their immediate physical needs as well as their deeper spiritual needs.

Faith, from Alpha Pregnancy Center, sharing to the two small groups. 

Faith, from Alpha Pregnancy Center, sharing to the two small groups. 


On January 26th, our small group partnered with Kevin Shue’s small group to host a diaper drive and invited APC's current executive director, Faith, to come share more with us about Alpha Pregnancy Center. On the evening of the diaper drive, Faith passionately shared with us Alpha Pregnancy Center’s vision and mission. Her info session not only included some surprising statistics and facts, but also some personal stories of clients who have been blessed by APC. I walked away encouraged from the stories I heard and an excitement with the possibility of getting more involved. A couple weeks later on February 18th, a handful of our small group members spent our morning at the center with Kaitlyn (one of their 4 team members) where she helped direct us in some basic cleaning and organizing. We did various housekeeping tasks from bundling diapers, organizing donated clothes, to even cleaning bird poop off the front entrance to make it more inviting. 

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Honestly, the tasks themselves did not feel super significant. We wanted to do more! We wanted to interact with clients and build relationships with them. But God gently reminded me that He just wants us to be obedient and to let Him guide how He wants to use us. We ended our morning at APC praying for Kaitlyn and the center followed by a casual and fun group lunch giving us the opportunity to know Kaitlyn more.

A couple weeks later, a few of us attended the APC Banquet on March 3rd where we were again blessed and encouraged hearing how God was working through this organization and how He has placed big dreams in the staff’s hearts.

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Next to APC is a motel where sex trafficking is believed to occur. APC prays and hopes that one day (soon) the wall can be knocked down and that building can become theirs. They dream BIG and why not! We have a BIG God. They dream that the space can become a birthing center – a place of healing and hope rather than brokenness and darkness.

The speaker, Amy Ford, shared about her experience of an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager and how alone and ashamed she felt, especially in the church. She challenged us all with the question, “is your church a church these girls would run to or run from?” An important distinction was brought to my mind – is the church pro-birth or pro-life? Are we as a church merely trying to save the child’s life or seeking to help raise them in a Christ-exalting community? Though APC and other non-profit organizations such as Amy Ford’s Embrace Grace is doing amazing God led work, we were all reminded that the local church plays such a crucial role in supporting and caring for these girls and their families. As our small group continues to partner with Alpha Pregnancy Center, I look forward to seeing God glorified.


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