Garage Sale For Missions

Written by Lorraine L.


    The idea of a garage sale started as a casual suggestion when the Short Term Mission Team Leaders were brainstorming for fundraising ideas. “How about an auction, or a bake sale, or a garage sale, or have the team sell some goods?” were some of the ideas thrown. The team was clear that whatever activity was chosen, it will be secondary to this main purpose: that Sunset church come together to send its mission teams out to build God’s Kingdom. We wanted to give members of Sunset an opportunity to support our teams, no matter how big or small.

    When we put out the announcement, we set aside two weeks for collection. I personally didn’t want a long collection period because I selfishly didn’t want the trouble of getting rid of items if they weren’t sold. I was afraid too that people will give items that they didn’t want and see the sale as a way to dump things. But my heart couldn’t be more wrong.

    The response of the church was overwhelming. People gave out of cheerful and generous hearts, and it reflected in what they donated. There were new collectibles and toys, electronics that were in good condition, bikes that were barely used. They did not give things that they wanted to throw away, I believe they gave things out of hearts that wanted to bless the teams and the community. When the collection period ended, we were faced with mountains of items, making us think that we bit off more than we could chew. “How are we going price and sort all these? It’ll take forever!” I was getting anxious for pricing night, I was sure it was going to be a long night. But I was wrong again.


    The church responded once more to our call for help. There were a lot more volunteers than I expected and all of them worked efficiently. Before the clock hit 10pm, all items were sorted and priced. We were done and ready for the sale and we were excited. I was left overwhelmed once more of the response of the church. And for both days of the sale, God continually showed me how beautiful it is when the church come together to build His Name.

    We had a constant flow of people come day of the sale, both church and non-church members alike. We prayed for relationships to be started, seeds to be planted, for strangers to be aware of our church. People who were getting coffee across the street came and we had the opportunity to tell bystanders about what the sale was for and tell them about missions. God sent people and they kept on coming. Towards the end of the sale, we had sold more than half of we started with. The items we had that filled the whole church lobby, was now reduced, enough for us to fit at the back side of the church patio. For both days of the sale, there was a generous support shown by our members that helped us raise a total of $2,235 to support all our summer teams.

    It is very encouraging to see the support of the church to send us out, even in this small way. It is a wonderful thing to see God's body work together to make His Name known throughout the nations. The challenge was posted and people responded and the result was beautiful. I pray that members of our church will not lose that heart – a heart that responds to calls and cries for help, a heart that cheerfully and generously gives, a heart that wants to bless and make God’s Name known.

    From all the members of this year’s Short Team Mission Team, we want to say a heartfelt thank you for supporting us. We praise the Lord for the result of the sale, but more so, we praise Him for you.