Faith and Work Panel (Part 2)

Panel Participants:

Jason H. - Podiatrist

Cynthia C. - Clinical Social Worker

Wilson L. - Director at UCSF

Rachel M. - High School Counselor


10:21 - How has the Gospel shaped your attitude and practice when it comes to your field of work?

26:08 - You spend a lot of time with people you care for. Has your time with them led to spiritual conversations? What was involved to get them there?

35:30 - Dealing with people (bosses, colleagues, and clients) can often be so difficult, yet God calls us to be a witness. What have you found to be important to do in order to be an effective witness at work?

46:30 - How do you approach “balancing" your call to work and other callings in your life (family, ministry, etc.)?

58:51 - With the heaviness of situations of patients, how are you able to not patronize or become overwhelmed with a sense guilt with people who come from lower circumstances?

1:04:05 - What are some practical things you do on a daily basis with God, that has helped you throughout your day?

Richard Lee