Easter Celebration

Quotes from Volunteers


On April 6th, in partnership with Mobilize Love, Sunset hosted an Easter outreach event for our neighborhood. This event came from both a challenge and desire for Sunset to be more present and visible in our community and share Christ’s love as we create those spaces. 

Thank you for praying, supporting and serving with us during the event. Because of your help, we were able to serve over 800 people with food, fun, games, haircuts, and friendships. To see our church, organize and serve together in an event like this is really encouraging and a big blessing to witness. May we keep striving to make Gospel transformed disciples of all peoples in the city and in the world. 

What were some of the things you were thankful for from the event?

For the volunteers. A couple of days before the event we barely had half of our needed volunteers, but miraculously all the slots were filled just a day before the event. Not only that, people were coming in the day of the event, volunteering themselves or dropping of donations and prizes for the community. All the volunteers were proactive in asking what they could do and how they could help. The event just somehow fell into place and it would not have been possible without the volunteers.
— Ailyn J.
For the flow of people. I was in-charge of the food and it was just non- stop that day. People just kept coming. We had prepared 720 hotdogs and we thought we would have so much leftover, but it turns out we didn’t have enough. We didn’t know where all the people and the families came from, but we are thankful that they kept coming. The water I was using to cook the hotdogs stopped boiling, but I am still thankful for that. The volunteers all displayed a servant attitude, constantly willing to help. It made the time go quickly.
— Isaiah L.

How did you see God at work during the event?

It was forecasted to rain during the event, for the whole week this was what I was worried about. We had no plan B if it rained and didn’t know what the turnout would be like if it did. I was constantly asking people to pray. The day before the event, it was forecasted that the rain will hold off just in time for the window of time that we will be doing our event. Come morning of the event, it was raining, and it kept raining until the event started. It was discouraging; I was secretly hoping that God would show off his power by not making it rain at all. But He had other plans to glorify His Name. He caused the rain to come, but even so, He caused an overwhelmingly large number of people to come as well. None of us expected the turn out. Here, I was so worried about the weather when that was not even the most important thing. I was reminded again that God is in control and He knows what He is doing.
— Lorraine L.
I was serving at the food both the whole time of the outreach but had this memorable conversation with a lady who was thanking Sunset for hosting an event as such. She asked about the church and our Easter services. This gave me an opportunity to share about Sunset and invite her to our upcoming Easter events. It was so cool to see and experience the community appreciating the church.
— Josephine L.
During the week of the event, we had received a text that there was a neighbor who dropped by Sunset church on a weekday to ask about the Easter outreach event. She shared that her kids were so excited for the event and was looking forward to it. She also shared that she lives a couple of blocks from Sunset, has always been interested about Christianity, has gone to Sunset once to join the service and is looking forward to learning more. She signed up for one of Sunset’s Easter event. When I heard that, that made it for me; that was one of my main motivations during the event. Even if we had only one person come to Christ during the event, it would all have been worth it and successful for me.
— Christian H.
Sunset Church