Vision - March 2016

In January we launched our new vision for Sunset Church, which is “We exist to glorify God by making gospel-transformed disciples of all peoples, in our city and in the world.”  The vision states our purpose and picture of the future.  If you missed any of these sermons, you can catch up on our sermons page

Scripture anchors our vision because any vision we have cannot merely be our own feelings and perceptions about the church.  God’s glory is a theme that is seen threaded throughout all of Scripture.  God’s glory is the beginning, middle, and end of all of creation.  God’s glory is also the ultimate purpose of salvation, since we are brought into right relationship with God to worship him.  From God’s glory we see Matthew 28 and the Great Commission expressed in our vision as we aim to “make gospel-transformed disciples of all peoples.”  The scope of the vision is given to us by Acts 1:8 and is expressed in our vision when we say, “in our city and in the world.”

Our vision is not achievable without prayer.  So join us in praying for the church as we strive towards the vision during your personal pursuit of the Lord.  Join us as we corporately gather throughout the year to draw near to God and ask him to work in and through us.  The vision is intentionally one that is impossible with man, because we want to put ourselves in a position of great dependence on God so that when we see our vision coming to fruition, it will be completely due to God’s sovereign love and grace.   

Soli Deo Gloria

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