Cartoon Chaos: Bringing the City to Us

The vision of Sunset Church is to glorify God by making gospel-transformed disciples of all people in our city and in the world. How do we typically fulfill this mission at Sunset Church? We go. We go into the world and we make disciples just as Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:18-20. How do we reach the world? We send missionaries across the world to proclaim the good news: that Jesus Christ has rescued sinners from the wrath of God. How do we reach our city? We are equipped on Sunday mornings and in our small groups, and then we go. We go to work, we go to coffee shops, we go to our neighbor’s house and we proclaim the gospel. But for six weeks in the summer, this model changes.

For six weeks every summer a tornado descends upon 41st and Lawton. This tornado goes by the name of CampToons. And for six weeks, instead of us going to the city, the city comes to us. CampToons is Sunset Church’s summer day-camp program. But CampToons isn’t just a day-camp, it’s a massive organized effort to reach our city for the glory of God. The mission of CampToons is to disciple our youth staff to maturity in Christ so that they can in turn proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and families in our community.

For over 20 years, hundreds of kids have attended CampToons every summer. Many parents and children that walk through the gates of CampToons have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many families have never attended a church service. Yet through our summer day-camp, we have the opportunity to love these families and share with them the true hope of knowing Jesus Christ as Savior.

Generation after generation of families in San Francisco have been welcomed to CampToons by counselors with names like Howl, Static Shock, Animal, Sandman and Uncle. By God’s grace, the investment of these cartoon counselors perpetuates a disciple-making cycle. Kids come to CampToons, hear the gospel, believe in Jesus, mature in Jesus and then come back as CampToons counselors where they have the opportunity to share the gospel with kids who need Jesus. CampToons has become a revolving door through which many families of San Francisco come to Sunset Church, and more importantly, come to faith in the Jesus Christ. So please take time to pray for this ministry as Furrball, Mr. Krabs, Rajah, Tyke, and Curious George spend another summer reaching the city for Jesus and building up the Kingdom of God for the glory of God.