Women's Mentoring Ministry 2016 Recap


We want to take some time at the end of this year to thank you for your continuous support for us in the Women's Ministry! This year we focused on supporting two of the goals that we had as a church for 2016:

  • Work on developing gospel maturity
  • Grow dependence on God through prayer

Being able to increase our engagement with Scripture is key to us in growing in gospel maturity, and our desire this year through our groups was to (1) elevate Scripture as the ultimate authority, (2) learn tools to better understand the message of the Bible, and (3) allow Scripture to control our lives. Our desire was to promote both depth and breadth in Scripture.

We used two different books in our groups this year:

  • "Women of the Word" by Jen Wilkin - teaching us to assess our current attitude towards Scripture and learn tools to study the Bible for ourselves.
  • "Feminine Threads: Women in the Tapestry of Christian History" by Diana Lynn Severance - documenting women throughout history who were faithful to God's Word, encouraging our own obedience in our current age for Christ.

As a Women's Ministry team we met monthly to pray, and encouraged prayer together within our groups. We also got to discuss the topic of praying together at our women's breakout session at the church retreat in September. This in addition to offering two summer workshops ("Living our Transformation," "Learning to Tell Your Story") and a group of us attending the Gospel Coalition Women's Conference in Indianapolis in June rounded out a full year. We are immensely thankful for our now sixth year of making Titus 2 discipleship a reality for the women of our church.

You can hear a 6-minute synopsis of our year by clicking here

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