Nehemiah - A Vision to Rebuild

We’ve started a new series on Nehemiah called A Vision to Rebuild. We’ve chosen this book because it’s a book that is focused on the glory of God and the renewal of God’s people. This is what we want in the relaunching of our church’s vision to “Glorify God by making gospel-transformed disciples of all peoples, in our city and in the world.” Our hope is that Nehemiah will help guide our vision. 

We sometimes think about Nehemiah as a book about a building project, since the book focuses on the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Or we think of it as a book about great leadership since it reports the wise leadership of Nehemiah. Yes, the book does focus on a rebuilding project and reports the leadership of Nehemiah, but these aren’t the ultimate focus of the book.

The book is ultimately about the glory of God and the people of God being renewed after generations of exile. The walls are important because they represent the glory of God’s in a physical place. To the outside world it seems that Israel’s “god” has been defeated and is now rendered useless, but far from that, we know that the God of Israel is the one true living God who made all things.

But even more important than the physical place is the people who need to refocus on God. This is why the book has such a high emphasis on the scriptures (especially the end of the book), and the people renewing their covenant with God by repentance.

As we go through this awesome book here are some ways you can dig deeper and connect outside of listening to the sermons:

  1. Commit to praying for a renewal of your heart to align with God’s heart. In addition, pray for our church’s collective heart to be more aligned with God’s as well.
  2. Discuss the book with your small group using the provided small group materials on our website as they become available (
  3. If you aren’t already serving somewhere in the church, get involved as we learn about the collective effort it takes for rebuilding in Nehemiah. We need all members of Sunset to be involved and using their spiritual gifts in order for us to be a church that is engaged in God’s mission.
  4. Read through Nehemiah in one sitting at least once during the series. This will help you get the big picture of the entire book that will help you as you engage in the sermons week after week.

I’m praying that the Spirit would use this book to bring renewal at Sunset so that we are a church that more faithfully pursues the glory of God.

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